Friday, May 21, 2010

One More "Bucket List" Item Crossed Off

Since I retired from teaching, I've started my "bucket list".  You know...things I want to do before I kick the bucket.  Last summer I finally climbed a rock wall !!!  That was something I always thought looked like a fun thing to tackle.  Sure wish they had had those when I was younger...much younger.  Anyway, I was the oldest one to make it to the top at our church's "friends day" last year.  Think I'll sit it out this year, however.  Once was enough to cure that itch.

Yesterday, I marked off another item from the list.  I sent off my ad to be run in Country Sampler.  It will be in the Oct./Nov edition, which is the Christmas issue.  That is something else I've been wanting to do for sometime .  Now that I've ventured down this path, I'd better get to work painting.  Hope I'm not too over optimistic!  How about it ladies?  Let me hear from some of you who have placed ads in Country Sampler.  Was it worth it to you?