Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberty Ann and Raggedy Sam

I've met a great bunch of gals in a forum I stumbled onto a couple of weeks ago. It opened up a whole new world to me. They are the ones who encouraged me , along with my daughter, to become a blogger! They also challenged me to get out of my comfort zone (painting Santas and such) and join them in a dollie swap. Preferring the paintbrush over the sewing machine puts me in the minority in the group since most of them are doll makers.

When it came time to make my doll for the swap, I pulled a Frank Sinatra and "did it my way"! I combined my painting skills with my sewing to come up with my take on the round head dolls I heard them speak of so often.

This OOAK couple went to Cyndi who said , "I showed my hubb and he was impressed, now girl, it takes a bunch to impress the hub as far as crafts go....." so I guess they were "a hit".

I hope you enjoy them, Cyndi, as much as I did making them for you.

My Annie From the Swap at Crafty Old Crow

Meet my itsy-bitsy patriotic Annie that Brenda, one of my fellow "crows" at the Crafty Old Crow Community, made for me during our recent dollie swap. Isn't she sweet? Thanks Brenda for taking the time to create her for me. You can find more of Brenda's cute Annies at

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cypress Knee Frosty Family

This is one of the most unique cypress knees that I have done. I used each of the spikes to create a member of the Frosty family. There's Dad, Mom and son. Each has a knit cap and a wool scarf. To give a prim touch, I added a rusty bell and a some rusty stars as accents.

Cypress Knee Santa

This is one of my many cypress knee Santas. Each is different since I use the "knee's" lumps and bumps to decide what to paint on each unique Santa.

Rolling Pin Santa

Here is one of the Santas I just finished painting on a vintage rolling pin.

It is one of my original designs. You can find others on my website,