Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snowmen??? It's in the mid 90's!!!

Snowmen when the temperature is in the mid to upper 90's outside?.
I've still got to paint something in their hands and add their knit caps.
These little fellows may melt before I'm finished!
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It feels good to be getting back to my painting following surgery for a torn rotator cuff.
Since I can't lift anything heavier than 3 pounds, I thought I'd start with these
snowmen lightbulb ornaments.  I've got 50 of them going at once. 
Another 200 and I should have enough to get me through the Christmas season.

To good cooks, staples are sugar, flour, etc.
To a crafter such as me, staples are what sells the best at shows.
In my case, it's...lightbulb ornaments...snowmen, Santas and gingerbread men.
They usually cover the booth fee and everything esle is "icing on the cake".

Friends and family members save me their burned out bulbs all the time,
 but some are switching to those spiral energy saving bulbs.  
I have to come up with a new design for those. 
Any ideas, anyone???


  1. such cuties! Wish I could paint that good!

  2. Love your snowmen to cute. LenZie

  3. glad you're back at it! remember we talked about those spiral ones...i see peppermint twists! 200? you sure that's enough...i mean, you always run out! Love ya, and glad you're feeling better!