Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where Have All My Santas Gone...Long Time Painting

I've been painting Santas and snowmen , almost non-stop, since the end of July!  That's a lot of strokes, folks!  Most have been "adopted" and perhaps a few melted in the swealtering heat down here in the "dawg days of summer" in the deep south.

Here's what's left after 5 months of approximately 12 hour work days in this ole Santa's workshop.

Actually, it's not this one, but one very similar..

Actually, it's not this one, but one very similar.
I've added a green fabric cap and some painted vines since I took this picture.
I'd take another, but I lost my camera.


  1. You did good girl - if that's all that is left. I get so many compliments on my wonderful Santa. He loves Minnesota! Have a Merry Christmas, and take a break! Jo in MN

  2. Hello Brenda,
    I bought a snowman from you at Broadmoor in November. He was the last one you had and we had a nice long visit as my granddaughter and I were there very early on Saturday and not much was open yet. My intention was to contact you about another snowman, but Christmas came and went and I just plain forgot! I believe the snowman I bought is the photo you have in this post "Where have all my Santas gone....." I would love to have a smaller "buddy" to keep him company and saw one in an earlier post with a BLUE hat that I loved. Doesn't have to be soon as I am packing away my Christmas today. Please email me and maybe we can work something out. By the way, your blog is beautiful and your website as well.
    Carolyn Graves