Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Break from Santas

Every now and then, just to mix things up, I have to paint something other than a Santa.  The change helps me to keep the "creative juices" flowing.

While checking out a flea market, I came across these wooden shoe forms and thought I might could paint something "Christmasie" on them.  Here's what came to mind. 


  1. Those are beautiful!!!!!!! I bought daughter in LA a painted high chair for our granddaughter! It is so cute. I had the lady paint chicken/rooster and chicks and eggs etc. on it, somewhat country with checkered legs and polka dots etc. Renee used to try to pick up the eggs on the tray! I also have a youth kitchen chair without the tray painted with similiar for my house. (I have a rooster collection in my kitchen!) The same lady painted both. I wish I had the talent of painting! Have a great day! jo

  2. So pretty, I bet it is fun to do something other than Santa's and snowmen...although you do them fabulous...this is really sweet. Hope you are well my friend...I am ready for WINTER....

  3. yeah for B! i'm going to canton next week...need me to pick up any "gently used" junk for you to paint on? Btw, they look great!