Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Twas the Week After Christmas and All the Orders Were Filled...

All the grandchildren were here
With brushes in hand
And the little ones
Had one demand.

Let US paint cypress knees!!!

Waiting patiently!

Pardon the messy house!

Showing off their talents!

The oldest one had previously painted both a snowman and a Santa so she wanted to try her hand at painting a Grinch.

She can hardly wait for me to let her start
helping me paint for my shows.


  1. I see the talent runs in the family. Loved seeing the photos, and the fun. Happy New Year "B"...lol.

  2. Oh what wonderful jobs they did!!!! Love them.
    Wish we lived closer, I'd love to learn and do one. What do you have to do to prepare the cypress knee. Do you peal or trim the bark off before the wood drys? Seems like that would be easier than waiting til it drys so hard on. Everyone loves the one I've bought from you last year. jo in MN

  3. You're right, Jo. They do have to be peeled and this is done much easier when freshly cut. It is no problem for me however, since I buy mine from a gentleman who has been in the cypress knee business for 20 plus years. He has them boiled, peeled, and dried in a kiln before I get them. I do a little prep work and paint, paint, paint!

  4. Love the outcome! they did good, B... future helpers for sure!