Friday, February 12, 2010

2nd Miracle in Less Than a Week

First, if there is anyone out there who hasn't heard...the New Orleans Saints WON the Super Bowl!!!!   Now, SNOW with SOME ACCUMULATION!!! 

I know it in no way compares to the amount that has blanketed the east coast area, but you just have to understand that this is the first significant accumulation for us in about 10 years.  That means none of my 4 grandchildren have ever had an opportunity to experience what so many of you take for granted, the building of a snowman ...until today!!!
However, even though it is still snowing now, they had better get out there quickly and start scraping up that snow before it begins to melt later today.
                     Here are the oldest two with their first ever snowman.


  1. We had the snow storm that never happend the other day...the weathermen were WRONG and got everyone in a panic for nothing..yeh....I've had enough of the white stuff!!!!

  2. I'm so glad your grandchildren are getting to experience SNOW! And yes, there is nothing like being able to build a snowman, snow fort, or make snow angels! Thanks for the note. I'm waiting for the rain to quit, and Mardi Gras parades!

  3. Saw your comment on West Side of Straight - did she meet you in Louisiana? She finds friends wherever she goes..... This is one of her daughters from cold and snowy Minnesota...

  4. Beautiful pictures. The girls are so cute out there with their jackets and their snowman!