Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's One of Those "Maybe I'm Not Burger King After All " Orders

Recently, I got one of those "Maybe I'm Not Burger King After All" orders.  (AKA: "special orders DO upset us" mentioned in a previous post.)  Acutally, it didn't upset just made me get the old creative juices flowing again.  The older I get, the harder it is to think outside the box.  Creative customers' requests give me that nudge necessary to make me come up with something new.  They plant the seed in my mind.  I produce the "crop".

A customer had previously purchased one of my Soda Santas painted on  Coca-Cola bottle and said she would also love to have a snowman painted on a Coke bottle.  No problem... I've done those before.'s the "Burger King" moment!  She would love it if I could also make it a fisherman.  Never done that before.  Result!  She bought two!


  1. tooo cute , love em ...they turned out soooo sweet girlie...hope you are doing Cyndi

  2. glad someones getting you to "think outside the box!" your friends can't seem to get it to happen. Now, i know why....we weren't paying customers! Kudos to your customers!