Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snowed 70 Degree Weather!

Green snow!!!  That's what you get when you get snowed under with orders!  Money, money, money!!!  Smart shoppers are getting their Christmas orders in early.  That's great.

Of course, my favorite order is the one where the customer shops on my website, and finds just what she wants, puts it in her shopping cart, and pays.  Then all I have to do is pull it, wrap it, pack it, and ship it!  Smooth transaction!

Next, there's the order I call "the Burger King order" (the special orders don't upset us kind) where the customer sees something on my site that has been sold or is out of stock.  She sends email and we discuss whether or not I can duplicate.  Most times it is not a problem and I appreciate that she took the time to inquire.  The order gets filled.  Both customer and I are happy!  My motto is "Happy customers become repeat customers".

Then there's the "maybe I'm not Burger King" kind of order.  This is the challenging type that usually takes me out of my comfort zone.  However, thanks to such interesting ideas from creative customers, I've created some great selling new products that I might not otherwise have done.

Where I get orders from is another story in itself.  Besides the usual internet orders and craft show customers' follow-up orders, there are the beauty shop orders, grocery store orders and of course the Wal-Mart orders.  By this I don't mean I that I have things for sale in all these places.  It just means these are places I frequent and living in a small town has its advantages.  Everyone knows you and your business!  People stop me and tell me what they want me to paint for them.

Yesterday, I got my first gas station order.  While I was pumping gas into my van, a lady came over to ask if I could do a special order Santa for her son.  It was nice to visit briefly with her and catch up on what our kids are doing now that they are all grown up.  Our boys grew up playing Little League and Dixie Youth baseball together.

Well, I'd better go shovel some snow, but Lord please ... let it snow...let it snow...let it snow. (Even if it is 72 degrees outside today!)


  1. I couldn't agree more. Love 'snowy' weather! Keep it up, woman, the rush has not even began yet!

  2. P.S.... I told you you'd like this blogging thing!

  3. I am enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work. And, I also agree that I hope that it snows this year. The kids would love it! Robin

  4. Hi,it is great to get orders like that, I would love to have snow like that every day.
    I will have to check out the Canton market show you mentioned on my blog the other day.
    keep up the good work and stay busy.